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I have blog model. Blog has_many comments. I have created all the CRUD related to the blog. The comments doesnt have a page on its own. On the blog page, there could be text area and on the entering the comment, it would be saved thru ajax. But normally when a new page is created a new object is sent from the controller, so should i create a comment object and send it thru Blog's new action like this

  def new
    @comment =
    @blog =

Or should i just access the comment objects present in the blog while creating the view

<form_remote_for @blog.comments>

Which is the right way of doing this? Is there any better solution

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Its preferred to have initialization of new comment in controller action. But its rather a guideline or practice I follow rather than the rule.

There is no form_remote_for tag. If its rails 2, tag is remote_form_for, similar thing in rails 3 would be:

form_for [@blog, @comment], :remote => true do |f|
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