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yesterday appeared a strange behaviour:

on small load all queries take long time and then site return error "Connection to MongoDB failed. Operation now in progress" At mongostat we see about 10-30 connections (very small, because we usualy work with 400-500) But when I type "netstat -na | grep 27017" I see very big number of TCP connections (> 150):

Why mongodb closes connection but TCP still open?

We doesn't use persistent connections and always doing Mongo:close() at the end of scripts.

Site work on cloud system like Amazon EC2 (we doesn't observe any network issues) - MongoDB - Apache 1Gbit/s between servers OS: Debian 6 Squeeze MongoDB: 1.8.2 (with 1.6.6 we have the same problem) Apache 2 PHP 5.3.6 PHP mongo driver 1.1.0 (connection pooling in 1.2.x is very bad for us)

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Looks like your driver (e.g. PHP) does not actually close the TCP connection even when you close it using the method.

If you're using PHP as a module, try graceful apache reload to make PHP module unloaded and loaded again. This way, destructors are called and connections are closed.

If you use PHP as fastcgi app, restart (kill/exec) it and invoke again.

File a bug if necessary.

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