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I have used Evil DICOM library to read a DICOM file.It is displaying the Raw DICOM file correctly but it is not displaying the other formats.Plz suggest me solution or suggest me any other C# library which reads all the formats correctly.

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@Anders thanks for correction – Mahtab Aug 28 '12 at 8:30
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I assume you are talking about DICOM files with compressed images. You can access the fragments in the pixel data element and uncompress them yourself in Evil Dicom:

DicomFile df = new DicomFile("compressed.dcm");
Fragment[] frags = df.PixelData.Fragments;

but obviously this is more complicated than you probably want. I will try to get the CompressionHelper class running within the next few versions. Many compression formats are proprietary and code for decompression is hard to find.

I believe Grassroots DICOM may be what you are looking for. Not as easy as Evil Dicom, but it supports the formats you want.

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