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I am developing a Axis2 based WebServices with XMLBeans binding. I have generated the code by using WSDL2Java generator and tried testing it with sample values set in the request.

In one of the setter methods (auto-generated code) I found the below code. The method get_store() returns a null value and hence I get a NullPointerException.

target = (org.apache.xmlbeans.SimpleValue)
    get_store().find_element_user(TRANSACTIONTYPE$0, 0);

I tried Google to find the solution and found similar issue with no solution specified.

Is there any work around for this issue?? Kindly help me

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This issue got resolved!!

I was actually trying to instantiate a response object in a normal Java way and hence i got the above mentioned exception while running my WebServices.

Wrong way - ResponseType responseType = new ResponseType();

Correct way - ResponseType responseType = ResponseType.Factory.newInstance();

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I'm having same problem in a getter method... But I'm not sure how you solved this... Can you post some lines of your client where do you use the generated classes? It would be a great help! – amp Oct 17 '12 at 10:16

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