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This would probably be achieved in the linking stage of the GCC compiler? But are there any specific references on this stage?

Also, is there a tool that can perform code size reduction by knowing which pieces of code isn't called?

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You can compress the final size of your executable using tools like:

  • UPX - Ultimate Packet for eXecutables (Great tool for shrinking any object code file e.g. .exe, .dll, .elf)

Here are a few references regarding stripping code during the gcc/ld compilation or linking phases:

So I imagine this has to be done on a code level and can't be done on compiled code in the way that Java bytecode can be worked with...

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For the obfusication aspect of ProGuard take a look at the answers to this related question: – Rian Sanderson Nov 16 '11 at 21:40

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