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I have a Link button in DataGrid for to edit the grid data, I'm using OnClientClick event for loading a modal form and also i'm using onSelectedIndexChanged event function of the GRID for loading editing data to to controls. see the server side code below

    protected void GetSelectedData(Object src, EventArgs e)
    String Team_Id = GridView1.DataKeys[GridView1.SelectedIndex].ToString();
    using (MySqlConnection DbConnection = new MySqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ConnectionStr"]))
        string cmdText = "SELECT Team_Id,Team_code,Team_Name FROM Team_Details WHERE Team_Id=?Id";
        MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand(cmdText, DbConnection);
        cmd.Parameters.Add("?Id", MySqlDbType.Int32).Value = Convert.ToInt32(Team_Id);
        MySqlDataReader DR = cmd.ExecuteReader();
        while (DR.Read())
            this.txtTeamCode.Text = DR.GetValue(1).ToString();
            this.txtTeamName.Text = DR.GetValue(2).ToString();


see the Client side code for invoking the modal window,

        function EditDialog(){ 
        document.getElementById("cvCode").innerHTML = '';

The problem is, while poping up the modal form, the fields (team code & team name) are getting blank. Please provide a solution to solve this issue.

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you can use RegisterStartupScript at last of server code –  Govind KamalaPrakash Malviya Aug 22 '11 at 8:00
Might want to rethink your post's title too, because server-side code always executes first on the server before the client-side code on the client. –  nnnnnn Aug 22 '11 at 8:11

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You could use an AJAX request to populate the modal pop-up's fields - call an object/service that would return the required data items and then modify the GUI accordingly.

Take a look at JQuery's get() function. For usability it's probably best to do this asynchronously.

Here's a decent tutorial that offers a possible implementation.


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You can make use of httphandlers or as the prev user mentioned make ajax calls. You can also make use of Pagemethods to call the server side code from javascript.

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