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I am developing an application in which when the I enters an address ,I fetch latitude and longitude of that address and drop the pin. But what I want is like I enter any business or address then a list of that search comes in google maps and multiple pins are dropped for that address. I also want this feature to get include in my app but when I pass my address only one location comes not a list like it comes in google maps. Please help me if anybody knows how google maps searches a couple of locations for that address

ex:- caribou coffee, chapel hil

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated Thanks in advance!

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This functionnality is provided by Google Places API.

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If you are looking for an algorithm it's using the harvesine forumula or a quadtree data structure. A quadtree or a r-tree in maps applications most likely it uses a space-filling-curve to sort the quadtree. If you look for sfc I recommend a hilbert curve because it has better space fill quality but normally they uses a z-curve.

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