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I was wondering if there's any way to use Zend Autoloader to load all files from specific directory and subdirectories?
I'm trying to include other libraries beside Zend such as JSTree.

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Just found SPL's RecursiveDirectoryIterator. That may be a better option.

There isn't anything Zend Framework specific, but you could take a look at PHP SPL's DirectoryIterator.

You could use it like this: (untested)

class My_DirectoryIterator extends DirectoryIterator
     * Load every file in the directory and it's sub directories
     * It might be a good idea to put a limit on subdirectory iteration so you don't disappear down a black hole...
     * @return void
    public function loadRecursive()
        foreach ($this as $file) {
            if ($file->isDir() || $file->isLink()) {
                $iterator = new self($file->getPathName());
            } elseif ($file->isFile()) {
                // Might want to check for .php extension or something first
                require_once $file->getPathName();

// Load them all
$iterator = new My_DirectoryIterator('/path/to/parent/directory');
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I'm going to choose different approach, that's much better - everyone (every developer) should include files that they need. There's exception with main library, but for that I'm going to go with autoloader. Thanks for your answer. –  Jezdimir Lončar Aug 22 '11 at 11:19

If those libs are PSR-0 compilant, you can use


That will make Zend load any unknown classes (looking for Some_Class in Some/Class.php).

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