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Which is the difference between sessions and cookies. I know that sessions are server side, and managed by the server, and the cookies are client side and managed by the browser.

I don't know why, but I see those things as rendundant. Which data have to be keept in a session variable and which on cookies?

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Session is implemented with cookies. You would normally save in a cookie things like the user id, or some identifier that will allow you to know who the user is, and use that information as a key for your session variable on the server side.

Most importantly, you wouldn't want any secret information being stored on the client side, since cookies can easily be stolen (from a security point of view).

Don't forget that HTTP is stateless, so cookies are just a way to bypass this.

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In short, cookies are more persistent than sessions. As soon as you close your browser, the session information is gone. Therefore a session has no way to store information about a website/user pair. Cookies do, and are used for things like allowing you to stay logged in to a website, or storing preferences for that website (e.g. language).

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The main difference between cookies and sessions is that cookies are stored in the user's browser, and sessions are not. This difference determines what each is best used for.

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Cookies are for small data. They can only hold strings. In session variables you're able to store objects in the server memory.

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