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I am working with Perl for some months now. As for now, my scripts work but they are far from being perfect.

I would now like to optimize the memory usage, thus I am looking for a way to break down the memory usage per variable/hash.

Is there a way to see how much memory a variable uses?

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Be careful about optimizing. 99% of the time, developers simply optimize against the wrong things. You watch your variable usage, save a few hundred bytes, then do a foreach loop and end up eating massive amounts of memory because a foreach loop requires the entire array to be loaded before running. And, you can introduce errors. I saw someone push to array references into two separate variables, then was shocked that modifying one variable modified the other. Use Devel::Size, but optimize your code readability before memory. Memory is cheap. Developer time figuring out your code isn't. – David W. Aug 22 '11 at 16:54
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Devel::Size or Devel::Size::Report can be used to get memory usage for a variable/structure.

You might want to check perl guts illustrated to see what the numbers really mean.

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Have a look at Devel::Size on CPAN.

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