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I am trying to split the response that I got from http posting. The response is a byte array.

I am trying to split this as,

String venuesArray[] = text.toString().split("~~~");
for (String venueDetails:venuesArray) {         
       String arr2[] = venueDetails.split("^^^");

Here I am able to split the venuesArray without any problem, but same thing is not happening with venueDetails. It is not getting splitted.

Any answer for this?

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The ^ character is a special character and needs to be escaped.

In Java, the backslash is also special, so you need an extra escape.

String arr2[] = venueDetails.split("\\^\\^\\^");
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Thank you Don Ruby, it worked for me.. –  thejaswi Aug 22 '11 at 9:57
for (String venueDetails:venuesArray) {
    String arr2[] = venueDetails.split("\^\^\^");

should do it.

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If venuesArray is splitting then, VenuesDetails should also split. Please check once VenuesArray has venues in it. If so,

Try using Regex :

for (String venueDetails:venuesArray) {
        String arr2[] = venueDetails.split("\\^^^");

Hope it helps.

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