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I want to know if i can somehow or someway run a remote linux script stored in windows machine through putty which can contain:


<some operation which needs root permissions>
<some operation with normal user credentials>

Since i tried above script but it does ask root password and then give error of not able to run commands and needed root access. I ran this script from putty using command line:

putty -ssh normaluser@linuxhost -pw <password> -t -m C:\

Thanks for answers Ashutosh

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Either login as the root user (not recommended!) or add the user that you're login in with to the sudoers file

sudo visudo
myusername ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

That will let you run sudo without a password.

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...Hey! That's what I was going to say! Get out of my head! (+1) :-P – DaveRandom Aug 22 '11 at 9:49
Thanks, the other way i found is putty -ssh <uname>@<host> -pw <passwd> -t -m C:\ the contents of file are #!/bin/bash su -c /home/<uname>/<remoteScript><<passwd <passwd> passwd and <remoteScript> contains all necessary operation needed to be done by root... Thanks a lot for ur answer mate, it helped too – Ashutosh Aug 23 '11 at 12:35

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