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I want to create Vaadin drop down with 2 separators in it. I couldn't find a way to implement that, can anyone help me to solve this issue?

This is the way I want to display my drop down:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • ------------;
  • select 1
  • select 2
  • -----------;
  • group 1

How can I do that?

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There is no built-in way to add separators to selects. The only way I can think of is to add an item with the desired separator as its caption. For example if you use the default caption (item id) select.addItem("-----"); should be enough. This should work for both ComboBoxes and NativeSelects.

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You can implement a new Vaadin component including the client behaviour, but this is not an easy solution. This page https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/gwt.html of "Book of Vaadin" and Vaadin forum can help for that.

Also, creating your own component using existing components is another solution. You can implement a special combobox which takes values of String or Component arrays. The way of doing this is using Vaadin panels, layouts and windows with size and locations and click listeners.

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I haven't tried it myself but give a go at NativeSelection dropdown.

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