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I have an API returning a kind of date formatted as follow: 2010_m1 for Jan 2010 2010_m2 for Feb 2010 ... 2010_m12 for Dec 2010

I have all the dates in an array, and if I use the method sort, it will sort it like: 2010_m1, 2010_m10, 2010_m11, 2010_m12, 2010_m2, 2010_m3, ...

How could I sort it the 'correct way', ie: 2010_m1, 2010_m2, 2010_m3, ... , 2010_m10, 2010_m11, 2010_m12

Thank you

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It's called natural sorting: natsort() is the PHP function for it.

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Wow ... excellent. Working like a charm :-) Thanks Rijk. –  Olivier Aug 22 '11 at 9:59

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