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I would like to know how to deploy from TitaniumStudio to a real Android device. I have a titanium app that works in the emulator. But I'm clueless how to get it running on the real device.

I know how to deploy my titanium app onto my iPhone using Xcode.

I have installed Eclipse too, and has managed to deploy a simple HelloWorld.app to real Android device with it.

Update: I have just learned that deploy can be accomplished using the commandline.

[ 12:49:59 ~ ] $ adb install /Users/johndoe/git/helloworld/build/android/bin/app.apk
772 KB/s (2035982 bytes in 2.573s)
        pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk
[ 12:50:54 ~ ] $

Is there a way to deploy within TitaniumStudio?

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There should be an "Install to Android Device" menu when you right-click on the project in App Explorer or Project Explorer view. There is also a run icon in App Explorer toolbar that has the "Android Device" option. You could also see the Getting Started with Titanium Studio guide.

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Yay! This works! –  neoneye Aug 23 '11 at 8:06

From the Titanium Studio Guide:

  1. Configure your Android device:

    • Settings > Applications > Check 'Unknown sources'
    • Settings > Applications > Development > Check 'USB Debugging'
    • Settings > Applications > Development > Check 'Stay Awake'
  2. Connect your Android Phone to your PC iwth a USB cable

  3. Open your project in Titanium Studio:

    • Run Menu in App Explorer Bar > Android Device

Wait for the app to load and look for your app on the app drawer on your device, then tap the app to open it.

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Get Titanium Mobile and you can send directly to your Android device

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I can't find the download button for Titanium Mobile. I have an account on the titanium site and even when logged in there is no download button. How did you install it? –  neoneye Aug 23 '11 at 7:51

In the latest Titanium Studio its very user friendly.You can run your application on device by click on the Option "Run with Device", When you get right click on your project.

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...or choose Install to Android Device...

  • when your Mobile is successfully USBconnected to your Computer
  • when you rightclick on your project (as already mentioned by the fellows)
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