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I have two tables:

table product1 with columns:
another table  categories 

I am populating product details using DataGridView and it's working fine.

I am trying to get the two column values from same table depending on the same condition that I have got the code below:

string desc = Convert.ToString(selectedRow.Cells["productdescr"].Value);
string productname = Convert.ToString(selectedRow.Cells["productnam"].Value);
string productprices = Convert.ToString(selectedRow.Cells["productprice"].Value);
int  productids = Convert.ToInt32(selectedRow.Cells["productid"].Value);

condition 1:

int  categoryids = (from cats in tsg.product1
                    where cats.product_Name.Equals(productname)
                    select cats.category_Id).SingleOrDefault();

condition 2:

var catogynames = (from categorytypes in tsg.categories
                   where categorytypes.category_Id.Equals(categoryids)
                   select  categorytypes.category_Name

condition 3:

var categoprydecription = (from categorytable in tsg.categories
                           where categorytable.category_Id.Equals(categoryids)
                           select categorytable.category_Description

I want to get the categorytypes.category_description also along with this categorytypes.category_Name from the condition 2, is it possible to combine the two conditions? (condition 2 and condition 3)

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I think you can do this in this fashion

(from categorytable in tsg.categories
where categorytable.category_Id == categoryids
select new {Name=categorytable.category_Name, 

This will be an anonymous class holding both name and description of the categories you want.

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change the where condition to categorytable.category_Id == categoryids –  Eranga Aug 22 '11 at 11:00
Many Thanks its working now... –  pratap k Aug 22 '11 at 11:00

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