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In the effiliation pluggin for prestashop, i've found this code:

$values->addChild('marque', '<![CDATA['.$product['manufacturer_name'].']]>');

when in $product['manufacturer_name'], i have Cyril & Nathalie Daniel, the output is <![CDATA[Cyril, as opposed to the normal case: <![CDATA[Foo Bar]]>

Can the 2nd argument of SimpleXMLElement::addChild can contain & ? Do i have to use some htmlentities on the manufacturer name ?

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See… – salathe Aug 22 '11 at 11:02
@salathe This is indeed the right thing to do. But i am not supposed to modify a paid module, so i'd prever a quick dirty fix. – pinouchon Aug 22 '11 at 12:45
Surely a quick, dirty fix is still modifying the code. Either way, you know how this should be done. – salathe Aug 22 '11 at 12:51
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My problem is described here:

Note that although addChild() escapes "<" and ">", it does not escape the ampersand "&".

The solution proposed (htmlentities or htmlcspecialchars) is not a good one, so i came up with what salathe suggested:

class SimpleXMLExtended extends SimpleXMLElement //
  public function addCData($cdata_text)
    $node= dom_import_simplexml($this); 
    $no = $node->ownerDocument; 

and instead of

$values->addChild('marque', '<![CDATA['.$product['manufacturer_name'].']]>');

use :


Output is now <![CDATA[Cyril & Nathalie Daniel]]>

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Another possibility is to remember that SimpleXMLElement is doing a double-decode -- instead of mapping & to &amp; (single-decode), it seems to work to just map & to &amp;amp; to start with. Your child ends up with &amp; in the XML like it should.

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You may need to encode your manufacturer name with htmlentities by the looks of it. This should be ok within the CDATA tags I'd have thought though.

Try this:

$values->addChild('marque', '<![CDATA['.htmlentities($product['manufacturer_name']).']]>');
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