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I have a sortable list of videos initialised with the option:

items: '.videoBox:not(.isFirst, .isLast)',

The first and last videos are not sortable, neither are they draggable in any way - this is great!

This is connected to another draggable list of videos using the connectToSortable option. Some of the videos I want to be able to drag in between the isLast and isFirst videos (of which there are many) so for those I need these items sortable again, so I use:

start: function(event, ui) {
  if (// my test //)
      $('#timeline').sortable('option', 'items', '.videoBox');

This allows me to drag and drop amongst the items that were previously not sortable - great!

Now I want to revert the sortable to the initial set up once the drag has finished, so I put this in the draggable init:

stop: function() {
  if (// my test //)
    $('#timeline').sortable('option', 'items', '.videoBox:not(.isFirst, .isLast)');
    $('#timeline .videoBox.isLast, #timeline .videoBox.isFirst').draggable('destroy');

This works great IF the draggable is not dropped into #timeline. However if it is dropped into #timeline then this callback does not seem to be called(?). I have added the exact same code into the sortable events: stop, update and deactivate, and while I can see that these callbacks are getting fired, the isFirst and isLast videos are still draggable.

However they are not sortable - so I think the problem lies with the .draggable('destroy') bit... Any ideas/suggestions?

Cheers, Tom

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I havent been able to fix or even identify the cause of the problem above. I have however found a workaround that seems fairly robust.

In the stop callback of the sortable init:

stop: function() {
    $('#timeline').sortable('option', 'items', '.videoBox:not(.isFirst, .isLast)');
    opts = $('#timeline').sortable('option');

The first line sets the items option as I have been doing before. Then I save the sortable init options to a variable, destroy the sortable behaviour and reinitialise it with the correct options. This does what I want now - i destroys the draggable on the isFirst and isLast items). I have left the stop callback exactly as above in the draggable callback which is required for the case when the drag does not end up over the sortable.

Seems like a bit of a sledgehammer approach but struggling to find a nicer method. Be interested to know if anyone has any other suggestions though.


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