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<!DOCTYPE html>
        <header><h1>This is header</h1></header>
            <section id="main">
                <section id="topBlock">
                    <section id="sectionWithUList">...</section>
                    <section id="sectionWithImage">...</section>
                    <section id="anotherSectionWithUList">...</section>
                <section id="anotherBlock">
        <footer><h5>This is header</h5></footer>

This is my first time that I am writing HTML5 page. I tought that it will go something like this. Header, main section and footer. In this main section on top I have section with three sections in it (two lists and one image). But I have a styling problem. I write css for 'topBlock' to be display:table; And three section in it to be table cell because they need to be displayed in one row. But when I add image sections with lists in it goes too large and lists are verticaly centered. I try to add fixed height to topBlock section but nothing helps. I need a little help to make this topBLock to have inner three section inline.

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What does your CSS look like? – jim31415 Aug 22 '11 at 13:00
I don't have code with me now but basicly I put #topBlock{display: table}; and for all three inner section I put #sectionXYZ {display: table-cell}; – 1110 Aug 22 '11 at 13:17

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Try adding a vertical-align to the sections.

#topBlock { display:table; }    
#topBlock section { vertical-align:top; display:table-cell; }
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In the example the sections topBlock and anotherBlock aren't closed properly, there is a section open tag where it should be </section>

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