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Why last line doesnt work?

ostringstream stream;
int f = 12345;
stream << f;
string st = stream.str();
cout << typeid(st.rbegin()).name() << endl;
cout << typeid(stream.str().rbegin()).name() << endl;
cout << string(st.rbegin(), st.rend()) << std::endl;
cout << string(stream.str().rbegin(), stream.str().rend()) << endl;

ir says: "String iterators incompatible", but types the same.

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When adding the appropriate headers, this compiles and runs fine here, so maybe you should tell us at least the complete/real error message and what compiler you are using to try it. –  PlasmaHH Aug 22 '11 at 12:32
@PlasmaHH I don't think it's a syntax error, just a good compiler spotting a flaw in the code, see my answer. –  Andreas Brinck Aug 22 '11 at 12:33

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Calling the ostringstream::str() method creates a new string object, therefore you're using iterators from two different objects.

To solve the issue, store the string in a temporary variable:

string temp = stream.str();
cout << string(temp.rbegin(), temp.rend()) << endl;

Which is what you were doing with the st variable already.

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str returns a string by value, which means the two invocations of stream.str() won't reference the same string in memory. And thus the iterators from them won't be compatible.

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