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I have been playing with some REST web services which use JAX-RS annotations. I am now looking at using OData for our query type services. However, I haven't see any OData examples that uses JAX-RS annotations. In fact, OData service examples seem to look very different to JAX-RS services.

Can OData servcies be annotated with JAX-RS statements? I can't seem to find any examples.



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odata4j now (0.6) support Jersey and CXF impl for OData producer. you can refer to the google code page (list above) for more detail.

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OData4j provides a Jersey server that is configured to serve OData requests on a variety of data sources. – Peter Kelley May 13 '13 at 4:23

According to the documentation, you can build OData services on top of standards like JAX-RS.

Here's a google code page that lists out the current status and links to the odata4j project. There may be some examples there that you can use to build JAX-RS OData services.

I'm a .NET developer, so I'm not up on my Java framework capabilities, but hopefully this helps.

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