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I'm looking for a java based CMS application that will allow me embed specific UI 'component's or 'regions' (eg. newsfeed, page-section, video, etc.) into pages of an existing J2ee web application. The idea is to mix managed content with custom web-application function, where the 'dominant' web-application is our custom application but it integrates these components for which the content can be manged by A CMS. I have looked through a number of CMSs (Jahia, Magnolia, Alfresco, Nuxeo, Walrus and a couple more), but haven't found anything that readily provides managed components that I can integrate easily. Integration can be at the controller, jsp or even client (Ajax/iframe) level, but I am trying to stay away from introducing portlets into my stack.

I am currently using Spring and Struts2.


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I believe the Portlet Framework suits your needs here. Many CMS's support this specification and the main point is to absolve you from doing the low level, often very messy integration you're talking about. I use Liferay 6 with moderate satisfaction.

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