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I've seen this link:


from this post:

QT 4.5 - Changing the selection marquee for QGraphicsItem

But I'm wondering if there are other options for getting rid the dashed rectangle without reimplementing paint. This is important so I can keep PyQt and PySide routines painting fast but still have the look I want.

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Sorry, if you do not want the selection rectangle, you will have to reimplement the paint method. It's not using styles or anything like that. The only thing you can change is that the rectangle uses QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::palette.windowText().color() as the basis color. But after that ... just a solid line being drawn, then a dashed line.

The best solution really is going to be reimplementing paint. I doubt you would ever see a performance hit from this modification.

I'm assuming you actually want to keep your items selectable. If you disable that flag on your item setFlag(QGraphicsItem::ItemIsSelectable, false), then it won't be able to be selected, and thus, will not display the border.

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Thanks Dave. I've reimplimented paint in C++ for now (super simple), but I was hoping to stay inside python mainly for ease of packaging. Painting QGraphicsItems in python does seem to be a performance issue when you've got lots of items to paint, which I have. –  Nick Aug 25 '11 at 20:00

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