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I have edited my question, I found a question/answer that seems to be along the same line as mine (Draw to offscreen renderbuffer in OpenGL ES (iPhone)). I want to not use presentRenderBuffer: and renderbufferStorage:fromDrawable: and the drawing to texture seems to be the best option.

The reason I need to do this, is the app is being ported from iOS to Mac and I have used the Chameleon Project to do some of this - so I cannot us a NSOpenGLView, but I also cannot use an EAGLContext since that was not ported via the project.

I have tried to follow the advice by Quakeboy but I could not get it to work, I was trying it on the default Xcode4 iOS OpenGL-ES project. If anyone could provide me with help on how to convert the default project over by using his method I should be able to figure it out for my app.

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Anyone have any ideas? –  xizor Aug 23 '11 at 23:09

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