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I have created a library called Fields where I will create some custom fields.

I have a method new() that is checking for the post information and validating what is necessary.

The problem is, how will I send the post information to that library?

Or, should I make the validation on my controller and send the information as a parameter to the method new()?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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$array = $this->input->post() 

will give you an array of your post data you can send as an argument to your library.

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In your controller, loading variables in an array and pass it to the library:

$params = array('type' => $this->input->post('large'), 
    'color' => $this->input->post('red'));
$this->load->library('Fields', $params);

Like here

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You should be able to access the post variable inside of your library, but I would validate the information in the controller before it's sent to the library.

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But in the form, my action will point to my controller and not my library... – Gerep Aug 22 '11 at 14:17

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