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I've been looking for memory leaks in my app and foud with jhat that for some reason instances of enumerations are kept in the heap.

To simulate it, I have deployed my app in tomcat, worked a bit with it, stopped it and performed GC on tomcat (through jconsole). Then took a heapdump and found this:

instance of x.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab@0xe0887c0 (16 bytes)
class x.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab
Instance data members:
name (L) : VEHICLE (24 bytes)
ordinal (I) : 0
References to this object:
java.util.HashMap$Entry@0xe15f7c0 (24 bytes) : field value
class x.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab (84 bytes) : static field VEHICLE
[Lx.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab;@0xe0887f0 (20 bytes) : Element 0 of  [Lx.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab;@0xe0887f0
[Lx.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab;@0xe1541e8 (20 bytes) : Element 0 of  [Lx.mgbean.quote.Input$Tab;@0xe1541e8

Any idea how this can happen?

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Why wouldn't they be in the heap? They're instances of a class (the enum class), as all other objects. That doesn't mean they could be garbage-collected. Their class holds a reference to each of the instances.

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Well, I have stopped the webapplication, there's no need for any of the classes to still be in the heap. So I'm wondering why they still are. –  Steven De Groote Aug 22 '11 at 14:17
Did you undeploy it, or just stop? Maybe Tomcat doesn't make the classloader unreachable until the app is undeployed? –  JB Nizet Aug 22 '11 at 14:30

I believe enum instances are treated along the lines of static fields for a normal class - that is, as long as the class is loaded they are kept strongly reachable. This is necessary for the ease of use that comes with using enums.

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