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Im trying to figure out why ruby omnicompl only works sometimes for me.

Omnicomplete working Here it's working as expected.

Trying to same operation on the same ivar 2 lines down But when I try the same thing on the same ivar 2 lines down I get "Pattern not found"

Both are done the same way, typing out @current_user_session.fiCtrl+X+O

I checked tpopes rails.vim github page for open/closed issues and tried to google it without luck.

My macvim and vim is compiled with +ruby

:echo &omnifunc returns rubycomplete#Complete

:Rails! returns rails.vim 4.3 (Rails-controller)

I have my complete vimdir on github for reference.

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one would imagine that it's because in img2 it's now below the setting of the variable (@current_user_session = UserSession.find).

which means that as this is now an instance it's looking for instance methods, whereas before it was returning the class method.


User.find # => fine

user = User.find
user.find # => Method not found

to demo the difference run these:


you'll see that it's quite different. put bluntly you're trying to look up 'find' for a user you have. "'tom'.find" doesn't make any sense.

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