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I want to store IP addresses (v4 and v6) in my rails application. I have installed an extension to MySQL adds functions to convert ip strings to binary which will allow me to query by IP range easily.

I can use unescaped sql statements for SELECT type queries, thats easy.

The hard part is that I also need a way to overwrite the way the field is escaped for insert/update statements.

This ActiveRecord statement

new_ip = Ip.new
new_ip.start = ''

Should generate the following SQL statement

INSERT INTO ips(start) VALUES(inet6_pton(''));

Is there a way to do this? I tried many things, including overriding ActiveRecord::Base#arel_attributes_values, without luck : the generated sql is always converted to binary (if that matters, my column is a MySQL VARBINARY(16)).

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ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("INSERT INTO ips(start) VALUES(inet6_pton(''))")
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Yeah well I would like to keep the benefits of using the regular save / create calls and everything that comes with it (validation, callbacks, etc.) if at all possibble –  Jimmy Aug 22 '11 at 14:30
this also doesn't protect against SQL injection –  Seamus Abshere Mar 31 at 19:34
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