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I'm currently using Vim to edit PHP files and would like to implement code folding for functions only. I've tried setting the foldmethod=expr and using a regex with foldexpr in my .vimrc file. The problem is i don't fully understand how foldexpr is using the regex to apply folding to the source code and i can't seem to get it right.

Basically i want all PHP functions (inside classes too) to be folded and that's it. The nearest i've got is:

set foldexpr=getline(v:lnum-1)=~'function'?'>1':'='

but it's not right and i want to see if i can be a little more intelligent with the curly braces.

Any ideas?

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IIRC folding do not work with regexes because it will slow vim down. You might get what you want by using foldmethod=indent and set foldnestmax to limit the number of nested folds created.

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Check out the phpfolding plugin.

This is much better than the built-in php_folding syntax stuff because it understands phpdoc/doxygen docblocks, folds the code so you can still see the function name (but hides the documentation which precedes it).



It is a bit weird, you need to run :EnablePHPFolds to update stuff, and I get an odd message when I start up Vim (but that might be because I've installed it with Vundle), but it's a thing of beauty!

(Also referenced at

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I've moved on to this other folding plugin – artfulrobot Mar 9 at 16:58

I achieved what i needed by using the built-in PHP plugin, activated by putting this in my .vimrc file and not using any other folding settings.

let php_folding = 1        "Set PHP folding of classes and functions.
let php_htmlInStrings = 1  "Syntax highlight HTML code inside PHP strings.
let php_sql_query = 1      "Syntax highlight SQL code inside PHP strings.
let php_noShortTags = 1    "Disable PHP short tags.
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Thanks, this really works for me. – Sudar Mar 20 '12 at 6:56

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