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we developed one ruby on rails web application as a product.Now we need to install this application in client machine for 15 day trial.How to implement the trial version for ROR. If any other rails plugins available.Please let me know.


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Some solutions:

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Laws and data ownership apply here so you have to be careful. Any data input potentially belongs to the person that put it there. You could restrict functionality with a simple before filter in the application controller that checks the current date against a predefined timeout date and rediret to a license out of date page if todays date exceeds the time out date. you could set the timeout date in a yml config file of some sort or hard code it.

plugins, and gems for this are a little bit like using a sledge hammer to crack a peanut.

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Probably the best way is to implement an license manager and let your application make an API call to know if it can continue. There are several ways to implement this, like tokens or timestamps. But you need to be conscious that your costumer has access to the source code, if you have doubts that the source can be edited to continue you can make the call in the compiled javascripts or create a C/C++ module and use it in your ruby code.

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