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I wish to have a slider that is from 0-100 but that is only selectable from 0-75 (for example)

An example look would be something like this, with the slider restricted from entering the coloured region

Sample limited slider

Clearly I would like to be able to set the max, min, limit and value of the slider...

As far as I can see the jquery UI Slider does not allow this out of the box. I expect it is possible to extend the basic behaviour but I would need a very clear hand holding to make that work!

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You can use the slide event of slider plugin which is triggered on every mouse move during slide. Use ui.value to obtain the value of the current handle and check for the max limit and return false. Returning false from this callback prevents the slide.

   slide: function(event, ui) { 
       if(ui.value > 75){//Note the value of ui.value is between 0 to 99
          return false;

For the background color of the slider you can easily achieve it through css.

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