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As a part of one enterprise application, I need to create a Facebook account for some users in an active directory. The enterprise application is running on java. How can i connect to the Facebook server for creating the users using java? Please point out the API's I have to use, if any are available.

EDIT: Is there any other social platform supports account creation using API?

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I would guess that this would - at least in Facebook's opinion - violate the Facebook Terms of Service. So if there existed such an API, it would not work very long after Facebook became aware of it. – emory Aug 22 '11 at 15:34
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At this time there is not a method to create users via API. They'll need to register manually and then you can use one of the SDK's to link the existing account into your app.

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FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail, ... have CAPTCHAs in the registration pages. So I believe you cannot do it programatically.

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