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bash-3.2$ php -a Interactive shell

php > $a = null || "hi"
php > echo $a
php > $b = "hi"
php > echo $b

As you can see here, nothing is being echoed.
Why is that? I'm using Mac OS X lion. =\ (fresh install)

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You've forgoten to put semicolons at the end of each line. Should be:

php > $a = null || "hi";
php > echo $a;
php > $b = "hi";
php > echo $b;
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I had the same problem:

php > echo $undefined_var

but after put ; in other line

php > ;


 Undefined variable: "undefined" in php shell code on line 2

So, is possible make this:

php > echo 123456
php > ;
php > echo 123456;
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