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I would be grateful for some advice on a website, I wish to create.

I want to set up a site of items, which have information and images associated with each item.

The items will have several description fields and some sysadmin fields.

Each item would have two gallery fields one containing the directory path and the other the order of image files to be displayed, by filename.

One of my major requirements is to be able to re-arrange the order of the images by drag and dropping thumbnails ( as in svManager by Simple Viewer), which would update the corresponding item gallery filenames field.

I have very basic php, javascript and mysql skills.

Would I be better using Mysql(supported by phpMyAdmin) or Amazon's SimpleDB (supported by something similar to phpMyAdmin) ? and can anyone advise on a drag and drop file manager.

My overall aim, is to keep it as simple as possible, so that

a) I understand how it works and can easily learn it.

b) If it needs modifying, I will be able to remember how it worked (Grey matter is getting well past its sell by date)

If all my images are stored in directories under public_html, how can I stop programs such as Teleport Pro just downloading all my images, because I am under the impression, IMG SRC tags can only see files in their immediate domain.

The basic modules would be

1) Manage Items (Add, Change, Delete) (ADMIN) 2) Manage Images of Items (Add, Change, Delete and MOVE) (ADMIN) 3) Select and Display Items (PUBLIC)

I have tried using Wordpress, SmugMug, Gallery and Blogger, but they never do what I want, the learning curve is so high and they are updated and new ideas and features have to be learned.

So if anyone has any ideas as to my best plan of attack, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks for reading.

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