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Can i get example on functional dependency in database concepts with example?

I understood that when a particular column is dependent on another column then it is called as functional dependent on other one.But i am not able to visulize with example..plz help me out

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Let R be NewStudent(stuId, lastName, major, credits, status, socSecNo)

FDs in R include

{stuId}→{lastName}, but not the reverse
{stuId} →{lastName, major, credits, status, socSecNo, stuId}
{socSecNo} →{stuId, lastName, major, credits, status, socSecNo}
{credits}→{status}, but not {status}→{credits}


16652 is Huntingdon’s ZIP


Picasso was born in 1881

Autobrand→Manufacturer, Engine type

Pontiac is built by General Motors with gasoline engine

Author, Title→PublDate

Shakespeare’s Hamlet was published in 1600

Trivial Functional Dependency

The FD X→Y is trivial if set {Y} is a subset of set {X}

Examples: If A and B are attributes of R,

{A,B} →{A}
{A,B} →{B}
{A,B} →{A,B}

are all trivial FDs and will not contribute to the evaluation of normalization. for more details..check source. source - http://jcsites.juniata.edu/faculty/rhodes/dbms/funcdep.htm

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