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my question for today is about the BouncyCastle encryption Library for J2ME, I have some code in C# in which I do the following cast:

AsymmetricKeyParameter pubKey = (AsymmetricKeyParameter)pubReader.ReadObject();

this works on the C# end, however when I do it in Java I get an error stating that pubReader doesn't have a ReadObject() method, I changed it to readObject(), still doesn't exist so I went ahead to search for a method that would return an Object type, I only found readPemObject() as follows:

AsymmetricKeyParameter pubKey = (AsymmetricKeyParameter)pubReader.readPemObject();

However... this is when I hit the big problem, as I cannot cast from PemObject to AsymmetricKeyParameter and end up having an error...

here's the majority of the code in question:

PemReader pubReader = new PemReader(new StringReader(pubKey));      
AsymmetricKeyParameter nhe = (AsymmetricKeyParameter)pubReader.readPemObject();

Imported teste = new Imported();        
PemObject pobj = pubReader.readPemObject();

System.out.println("PemObject: " + pobj);
byte[] output = teste.Encrypt(holyshizzle.getBytes(), nhe);
System.out.println(new String(output));         
byte[] revvit = teste.Decrypt(output, (AsymmetricKeyParameter)blah.getPrivate());
System.out.println(new String(revvit));`

PS: The Imported class is where the encrypt/decrypt code is and all of that is working fine (tested it with generated keys), I'm attempting to do this with pre-made encryption keys

Regards, Gonçalo Vieira

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The equivalent function is in the org.bouncycastle.openssl.PEMReader class. This class is only available in the full Bouncycastle provider library, not in the J2ME version. Are you only interested in RSA keys? – James K Polk Aug 23 '11 at 0:41
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Try replacing

AsymmetricKeyParameter nhe = (AsymmetricKeyParameter)pubReader.readPemObject();


AsymmetricKeyParameter nhe = PublicKeyFactory.createKey(pubReader.readPemObject().getContent());
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