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I am using jersey to generate http requests and I would like to be able to see the request before it is sent (for debugging purposes).

For example:

WebResource resource = client.resource(url);
resource.header("aa", "bb");
resource.getHeaders(); // Error: how can I do it?


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You can use LoggingFilter, as shown here

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You need to add init-params and then implement ContainerRequestFilter

Put it in your web.xml Please note that com.az.jersey.server.AuthFilter is your class that has implemented mentioned above interface.


public class AuthFilter implements ContainerRequestFilter {
     * Apply the filter : check input request, validate or not with user auth
     * @param containerRequest
     *            The request from Tomcat server
    public ContainerRequest filter(ContainerRequest containerRequest) throws WebApplicationException {
        //GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, ...
        String method = containerRequest.getMethod();
        // myresource/get/56bCA for example
        String path = containerRequest.getPath(true);         

        return containerRequest;
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