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I'm trying to make a simple swap function in Powershell, but passing by reference doesn't seem to work for me.

function swap ([ref]$object1, [ref]$object2){
  $tmp = $object1.value
  $object1.value = $object2.value
  $object2.value = $tmp

$a = 1
$b = 2
$a, $b
swap ([ref]$a) ,([ref]$b)
$a, $b

This SHOULD work but no...


Can anybody see what I did wrong?

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Call like this:

swap ([ref]$a) ([ref]$b)

The mistake of using , is described even in the Common Gotchas for Powershell here in SO: http://stackoverflow.com/tags/powershell/info

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By the way, PowerShell has a special syntax to swap values, no need to use $tmp:

$a,$b = $b,$a
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Firstly, you're calling it wrong. Putting a comma in the call to swap means you're passing an array of the to objects as the first parameter. If you were to correct it...

swap ([ref]$a) ([ref]$b)

...it would then work.

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You can pass value types by reference. –  Rynant Aug 22 '11 at 16:12
@Rynant: You're right. I did it over again and it didn't complain about value types. Not sure what I did different the first time. –  Joel B Fant Aug 22 '11 at 16:20

The "ref" keyword is not necessary, as the code listed below will work as well. As noted, there is no comma. Powershell passes by reference automatically.

swap $a $b
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