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For example:

code, attr, val, precedence 
(0, 'key', 'value1', 1 )
(1, 'key', 'value2', 1 )
(2, 'key', 'value3', 1 )
(3, 'key2', 'value1', 1 )
(4, 'key3', 'value1', 1 )
(5, 'key', 'nothis', 2 )
(6, 'key', 'final_value', 3 )

I want to get something like this:

(6, 'key', 'final_value', 3 )
(3, 'key2', 'value1', 1 )
(4, 'key3', 'value1', 1 )

How to do it that in MySQL?

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Make join with list of maximum precedences for id. Something like that:

    INNER JOIN (SELECT attr, MAX(precedence) p FROM a) m
      ON m.attr = a.attr AND m.p = a.precedence
  GROUP BY a.attr;

grouping for only one row per attr; can be replaced by DISTINCT on SELECT clause

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