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Hey guys I am using the script tag.


When I do multiplication it seems to work.

up = wrapBenchmark * upperLimit;

But if I do this.

up = wrapBenchmark + upperLimit;

It seems to add the number as a string to the end. Like a string concat. What is the issue here? I just want to add two numbers together. It's treating everything as a string. Thanks for the help.

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Standard String class (java) has overloaded operator + (string concat), and no overloaded operator * (multiply). So, interpreter casts variables to an integer, when cannot invoke multiply on string objects. And groovy is a dynamically typed language, so parameters sends like strings.

To solve your issue write this

up = wrapBenchmark.toInteger() + upperLimit.toInteger();
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This works great. What I don't get is the two integer's I'm adding work fine. It was the double numbers that were a problem. – Drew H Aug 22 '11 at 17:09

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