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Beginner rails/javascript question:

Let's say that I have a simple Circle model in a Rails 3.1 app with a show action/view. Each Circle has a property called :radius - an integer value.

When I view the Circle via its show.html.erb file, I want a very simple processing.js sketch to receive the radius of the circle and draw the circle on the page. I've already included processing.js in my app by saving the file in the assets/javascripts folder.

My simple processing.js sketch is in a file called circle.js. Its contents are:

// Setup the Processing Canvas  
void setup(){  
  size( 200, 200 );  
  strokeWeight( 10 );  
  frameRate( 15 );  
  X = width / 2;  
  Y = height / 2;
  radius = 10;      

// Main draw loop  
void draw(){    
  // Fill canvas grey  
  background( 100 );  

  // Set stroke-color white  

  // Draw circle  
  ellipse( X, Y, radius, radius );                    
  1. How do I include the sketch into my show view as unobtrusively as possible and pass the radius value to it?
  2. Where does the circle.js file go -- in the view folder or in the asset pipeline?
  3. Does it need to be named circle.js.erb?
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You can put circle.js into app/assets/javascripts. It doesn't need to be called circle.js.erb, but it could be.

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Ok - how do I get the circle.js file to grab the radius property for each circle I want to show? What if I want to show multiple circles on the same page? –  Clay Aug 22 '11 at 20:24
You could do this a few different ways. One way that I would try is have a <script> tag that creates a variable, like: var circle_radii = [ 9, 12, 23 ]; Then your circle.js would have a function that checks to see if circle_radii is not undefined, if it's an Array, and then iterate through that list to create circles. –  bratsche Aug 23 '11 at 0:47
Ok, thanks. Due to the nature of including Processing.js files, I had to include an html partial and include the script in it. The variable work as you describe. The performance is terrible, however, so I'll look into another option, such as Rafaeljs. Thanks! –  Clay Aug 23 '11 at 1:21

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