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I'm looking for a decent hex viewer (read-only; I don't need an editor) GUI component that I can use within my Swing GUI. Is there anything out there? I suppose I could write my own, but am hoping to avoid doing this. (also it would be nice to be able to render certain bytes as colorized/bold to highlight particular bytes in question.)

edit: this is for displaying the contents of a ByteBuffer in memory.

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Did you tried http://www.fifesoft.com/hexeditor/ (BSD) ?

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Java Hex Editor Component. It's old but working fine

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thanks, I'll look into it... but it's GPL and that's not permissible in my application. –  Jason S Apr 3 '09 at 19:23
well ... look at the code, get an idea on how it is designed, then write your own :P –  Aziz Apr 3 '09 at 19:33

I am currently developing


the component itself is somehow mature, but some features are still missing (like Copy/Cut/Paste). There is a GUI as well which provides a working HexEditor which shows as well how to use. Work in progress ;)

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