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I've seen plenty of examples of how to set a default ringtone, but what I'm more interested in is being able populate a drop down box list filled with the available ringtones on the phone. So the list that people see when they change their ringtone in the android settings, I want to be able to list all of those.

The closest thing I've found is here, but again this is just for setting the default ringtone. Any ideas anyone? It can be in or out of ringtonemanager.

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RingtoneManager is what you are looking for. You just need to use setType to set TYPE_RINGTONE and then iterate over the Cursor provided by getCursor.

This is a working example of an hypothetical method that returns an array of URIs, with the only slight difference that it's looking for alarms instead of ringtones:

RingtoneManager ringtoneMgr = new RingtoneManager(this);
Cursor alarmsCursor = ringtoneMgr.getCursor();
int alarmsCount = alarmsCursor.getCount();
if (alarmsCount == 0 && !alarmsCursor.moveToFirst()) {
    return null;
Uri[] alarms = new Uri[alarmsCount];
while(!alarmsCursor.isAfterLast() && alarmsCursor.moveToNext()) {
    int currentPosition = alarmsCursor.getPosition();
    alarms[currentPosition] = ringtoneMgr.getRingtoneUri(currentPosition);
return alarms;
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I got a StaleDataException (Attempted to access a cursor after it has been closed.) when putting the phone to sleep and waking it up again after using this code. Not closing the cursor seems to fix it — I suppose RingtoneManager returns a managed cursor? –  eWolf Feb 2 at 21:17
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