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It seems as if in Grails, the default contentType used to render a JSON response when using something like what follows:

render Book.list(params) as JSON

is application/json

There is of course a more longhanded way to define the content type:

render(contentType:"text/json") {

Is there a way to use the shorthand way, and still get a response content-type of "text/json"?

Note: examples taken from here

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In your grails config.groovy you can set the following mime type properties.

grails.mime.types = [ html: ['text/html','application/xhtml+xml'],
                xml: ['text/xml', 'application/xml'],
                text: 'text/plain',
                js: 'text/javascript',
                rss: 'application/rss+xml',
                atom: 'application/atom+xml',
                css: 'text/css',
                csv: 'text/csv',
                all: '*/*',
                json: ['application/json','text/json'],
                form: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
                multipartForm: 'multipart/form-data'

Try changing the order of the list of values for the json property to ['text/json','application/json']

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It doesn`t wokr as we have: /** * Directs the JSON Writer to the Outputstream of the HttpServletResponse and sets the Content-Type to application/json * * @param response a HttpServletResponse * @throws ConverterException */ public void render(HttpServletResponse response) throws ConverterException { response.setContentType(GrailsWebUtil.getContentType("application/json", encoding)); try { render(response.getWriter()); } catch (IOException e) { throw new ConverterException(e); } } in JSON.java –  dementiev Jun 14 '13 at 6:25

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