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I am using the jquery iviewer plug-in, works great. I love it.

But it puts in this span on top of the iviewer and I am having trouble getting ride of it??


                  initCallback: function ()
                   var object = this;
                   $("#in").click(function(){ object.zoom_by(1);}); 
                   $("#out").click(function(){ object.zoom_by(-1);}); 
                   $("#fit").click(function(){ object.fit();}); 
                   $("#orig").click(function(){  object.set_zoom(100); }); 
                   $("#update").click(function(){ object.update_container_info();});

i am pretty sure this is where is it coming from, but when i remove this, the is still there??


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I am pretty sure that this span is hard-coded Link you provided is example, if you try to implement it, there is no span

See here: http://jsfiddle.net/mareksebera/Mk2u6/

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After looking at the source of the page you provided. That is hard coded in your HTML. There are no references to those IDs in the plugin code.

    <h1>JQuery.iviewer test</h1> 
    <!-- wrapper div is needed for opera because it shows scroll bars for reason --> 
    <div class="wrapper"> 
            <a id="in" href="#">+</a> 
            <a id="out" href="#">-</a> 
            <a id="fit" href="#">fit</a> 
            <a id="orig" href="#">orig</a> 
            <a id="update" href="#">update</a> 
        <div id="viewer" class="viewer"></div> 
        <br /> 
        <div id="viewer2" class="viewer"></div> 
        <br /> 
        <p><a href="#" id="chimg">Change Image</a></p> 
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