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I need to add 20 users to 30 different groups in SharePoint.

Is there anyway to add a user to multiple groups in sharepoint 2010 at the same time?

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You can use Powershell to achive this task Open notepad and write the following script

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
$Groups =("Group1","Group2")
foreach($g in $Groups)
  Set-SPUser -Identity 'domain\username' -Web http://yoursite -Group $g

Now save this script with PS extension then by right click on it you can run this script.
More information check the following article Set-SPUser

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Thanks for the answer, Just wanted to add that I was getting an error with the Set-SPUser (You must specify a valid user object), So I used the New-SPUser command instead as follows New-SPUser -UserAlias 'domain\username' - Web yoursite -Group $g –  Hussein Nasser Feb 25 at 12:34

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