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I have a new iPhone app up on the App Store. This app has been fully localized into English and German. German is the native language of this app.

I added the English App Store description, added localized screenshots (and entered an English name for this app) in iTunes Connect ("Manage Localizations" - "Add Localization")

Unfortunately this translation does not appear on the App Store. Even in the UK and US App Store, there's always the German version of the app description.

This is not my first (localized) app which is available on the App Store ... but in this case, I have absolutely now idea what I'm doing (or what I did) wrong.

My app is called "ÖPNV-Navi" (the localized English title is "PT Guide"): (UK Store) (US Store) (German Store)

Any idea?

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Because your default language is German (This setting in iTunesConnect can NOT be changed once you submitted an App), if the iTunes can't find the localized description for the user's system language, it will display your default language instead.

As I've mentioned before, the language is not depend on the country of App Store but the user's system language settings, in my Mac which use English as its system language, I can see your English description in US Store. But in UK Store, since I am not using UK English as my system language, I got your default language: German.

If you change your Mac's system language into English, you will see your English description in US Store.

In addition, the most weird thing is the localized descriptions are bound to the specific country of App Store.

What dose this mean?

It means even you've created an English description in iTunes Connect, and the user do have English as his/her system language, but if he/she is NOT watching the US App Store, he/she will NOT get the English description but your default language, German.

What a confusing situation, what a "great" system, right?

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You're right. I didn't notice these strange behaviors yet. Thank you! – Patrick Aug 22 '11 at 20:08

My problem was that I also did not see the localized description in the app store.
The solution was that both the system language (in iOS or OS X) AND the app store country should be according to the language you want.

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Please don't post duplicate content. If the questions are different, then please tailor your answer to the specific question asked. If the questions are the same, then flag one as a duplicate of the other. – George Stocker Apr 2 '13 at 18:48

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