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My jqGrid is showing (1303153262000) on the initial grid load. However when the column is sorted the date is correctly formatted to (Aug 18 11:43 AM). Is there a way to get the grid to do this formatting automatically when it loads?

This is exactly what the date looks like as it is returned from the server (2011-04-18 19:01:02).

Here is the jqGrid column model i am using:

datatype: "local",
height: 250,
colNames:['Original ID','Date Created', 'Type', 'Title'],
{name:'cDate',index:'cDate', width:120, sorttype:'date', formatter:'date',     formatoptions: {srcformat:'M d h:i', newformat:'M d g:i A'}},  
{name:'xData',index:'xData', width:120}, 
{name:'zData',index:'zData', width:140}
rowNum: 1000,
multiselect: true,
toolbar: [true, "top"]

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


@Oleg here is what the data looks like on the server side:

2011-04-18 19:01:02
2011-04-18 19:01:28
2011-01-07 01:00:20
2011-04-18 19:01:02
2011-04-18 19:01:28
2011-01-07 01:00:20
2011-06-29 22:20:29
2011-06-29 21:47:55

And here is what it looks like when returned into the jqGrid:

Test: 1303153262000
Test: 1303153288000
Test: 1294362020000
Test: 1303153262000
Test: 1303153288000
Test: 1294362020000

Am i going to have to create a new array with the returned results with a function to change the epoch date to the date format i want? Having to do so would not make sense as jqGrid obviously has that functionality, but only when a user clicks sort. Is there a way to make jqGrid do this when the page loads?

I pulled this from eclipse. I am using a list/array called NotesArray. This is the array that is returned from the server:

NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-07-01 01:06:55, Title__c=Title of message 1 00001073: 06/30/2011 18:07:07, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q0EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuEzPEAU}
NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-06-30 22:14:48, Title__c=Title of message 2 00001072: 06/30/2011 15:15:00, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q1EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuCccEAE}
NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-06-30 21:24:47, Title__c=Title of message 3 00001071: 06/30/2011 14:25:00, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q2EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuB5cEAE}
NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-06-30 21:19:48, Title__c=Title of message 4 00001070: 06/30/2011 14:20:00, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q3EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuBFiEAM}
NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-06-30 21:14:47, Title__c=Title of message 5 00001069: 06/30/2011 14:15:00, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q4EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuAzDEAU}
NotesArray:{Original_Created_Date__c=2011-06-30 21:09:47, Title__c=Title of message 6 00001068: 06/30/2011 14:10:00, Type__c=Task, Id=a0D8000000Na0Q5EAJ, Originating_Id__c=00T8000001nuASSEA2}

Changed the return to JSON:

{"rows": [{"ObjectType": "Event","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 09:16:51","ActivityType": "Call","OriginalId": "00U8000000Elxb4EAB","Title": "TEST EVENT"},{"ObjectType": "Event","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 08:53:22","ActivityType": "Meeting","OriginalId": "00U8000000ElxY9EAJ","Title": "sadfasdf"},{"ObjectType": "Event","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 08:51:04","ActivityType": "Meeting","OriginalId": "00U8000000ElxXkEAJ","Title": "werwrasdf"},{"ObjectType": "Task","CreatedDate": "2011-01-06 14:42:43","ActivityType": "Call","OriginalId": "00T8000001bce9VEAQ","Title": "test"},{"ObjectType": "Task","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 08:50:41","ActivityType": "Meeting","OriginalId": "00T8000001aiqAXEAY","Title": "asdfasdfasf"},{"ObjectType": "Task","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 08:50:29","ActivityType": "Call","OriginalId": "00T8000001aiqAcEAI","Title": "asdfsaf"},{"ObjectType": "Task","CreatedDate": "2011-01-03 08:52:55","ActivityType": "Call","OriginalId": "00T8000001aiqBuEAI","Title": "asdfsaf"},{"ObjectType": "Note","CreatedDate": "2011-08-22 15:17:11","ActivityType": "Note","OriginalId": "0028000000T03CUAAZ","Title": "Mondays Best"},{"ObjectType": "Note","CreatedDate": "2011-08-18 11:43:25","ActivityType": "Note","OriginalId": "0028000000SzwIjAAJ","Title": "Note Test"}]}
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I don't have an answer, but 1303153262000 is the number of milliseconds since the "Unix epoch", 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC, as of 2011-04-18 19:01:02. –  Keith Thompson Aug 22 '11 at 19:31

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If the date come from the server as '2011-04-18 19:01:02' why you use 'M d h:i' instead of 'Y-m-d H:i:s' as the value of srcformat?

If the usage of

formatoptions: {srcformat:'Y-m-d H:i:s', newformat:'M d g:i A'}

will not solve your problem you should include the exact example of the input data which you use to fill the 'cDate' column.

UPDATED: You can load the JSON data which you posted directly in the jqGrid. See the modified demo here. What you need is just to use in the jqGrid the names on columns like in the JSON data and additionally you should use

loadonce: true,
jsonReader: {
    repeatitems: false,
    id: "OriginalId",
    root: "rows",
    page: function (obj) { return 1; },
    total: function (obj) { return 1; },
    records: function (obj) { return obj.length; }

In the demo I added one more column because I don't know whether ObjectType or ActivityType you want display in the 'Type' column. You can remove from jqGrid (not for JSON) any column which you not need to display. For example if the contain from the OriginalId column are not interesting for the user you can remove the corresponding column from the grid.

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Test: 1303153262000 Test: 1303153288000 Test: 1294362020000 Test: 1303153262000 Test: 1303153288000 Test: 1294362020000 –  Antonio Herrera Aug 23 '11 at 16:28
@Antonio Herrera: The code which you posted has datatype: "local". So it's unclear how you fill the grid. You wrote that you get the data from the server. Why you don't use datatype: "json" or datatype: "json"? How I understand you the data are displayed in the wrong way only at the initial grid load, but you don't included the code of the initial grid filling (load). Could you add the code to your question? –  Oleg Aug 23 '11 at 17:23
@Antonio Herrera: Look at the demo. Is it not what you want? –  Oleg Aug 23 '11 at 17:47
Ahhh, sorry @Oleg yes i did leave that out accidentally. This is the loop i use to fill the grid with the data returned by java => for(var i=0;i<=records.length;i++) { jQuery("#list4").jqGrid('addRowData',i+1,records[i]);} –  Antonio Herrera Aug 23 '11 at 18:29
@Antonio Herrera: The addRowData mathod place raw data in the grid without any data formatting. Why you not load the data from the server like in my demo? –  Oleg Aug 23 '11 at 18:31

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