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This question applies for Rails 3.x

Let's say I have a Business model, and Company and City models...each Business belongs to a company and belongs to a City...and I have scopes set up so that:


...returns all businesses in that city, owned by some_company.

Is there a method that I can use at the end of that chain of scopes to return all the conditions used to return the relevant activerecords?

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By calling arel.constraints or just constraints on the ActiveRecord::Relation you have access to the conditions array.

For example, in one of my applications I have a scope called active:

z =
=> #<Arel::Nodes::Grouping:0x007fa66753c108 @expr="auctions.ending_at > '2011-08-22 23:44:11.591438'">
=> "auctions.ending_at > '2011-08-22 23:44:14.295435'"
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Danke! Just what I needed – Zando Aug 23 '11 at 14:57

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