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I am trying to save images in Qt. I am able to save all the formats except jpeg. I have the following libraries under the plugins/imageformats folder.

libqgif.so, libqjpeg.so.

Do I have to place them in a different folder to make this work? Is there any new libraries that I have to install to make this work. I work on linux platform and my application is supported on all linux platforms. So do I have to install separate libraries for each platform?


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You might find what the problem is by:

  • Setting the environment variable QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS to 1 before running your application.
    It will print the plugin loading attempts/successes/failures on the console.

  • Using a QImageWriter to get a more explicit error message than with just QImage::save or QPixmap::save :

    QImageWriter writer("/tmp/test.jpg");
        qDebug() << writer.errorString();
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Try adding the following line to your main:

QApplication::addLibraryPath( <path to directory containing libjpeg.so> );
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Under windows the qjpeg4.dll must in a imageformats directory under the application's directory by default.

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Check if the linking in the .so files are proper.

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